Undesirable EP

by Undesirables

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released December 6, 2012

Marc Best - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adam Giles - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jordon Walsh - Drums
Steve Walsh - Vocals

All lyrics by Steve Walsh. All music by Steve Walsh except "Burned at the Stake" (J. Walsh, S. Walsh), "People in General" (A. Giles, J. Walsh), "No Way Out" (J. Walsh, S. Walsh), "Undesirable" (C. Caines, S Walsh) and "Shit Bands" (A. Giles, J. Walsh, S. Walsh).

Recorded by Matthew English at Yar Studios, Nov. 2012.



all rights reserved


Undesirables St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: Fuck the War
So you joined the army, they got to you too,
Now our army is filled with kids who can't afford shoes,
Fuck the War

So you're goin away to the Middle East,
Bring me back a trinket, how about history blown to bits,
Fuck the War

It's time to fight back cuz the war ain't over there,
It's manufactured right here, so fuck the war it's here!
It ain't in Afghanistan, it ain't in Iraq,
The war's fuckin' here man, it's time to fight back!
Fuck the War
Track Name: Burned at the Stake
For twelve strokes twice a day,
I toil to burn at the stake
She gets off, she loves to watch,
She loves to watch me burn.

Again is another mountian to climb,
To be perched on a summit,
With a misty morning view,
To see the face of my nightmare come true.

I long to die beneath the mist,
I long to become the breathe on god's fucking kiss,
To create a world and die in it,
To create my world and die in it.
And I'm dyin in it!

Mask of rage upon my face,
As I tear the veil from grace,
No more shall I be this way,
Living in hatred and full of disgrace.

Again is another cave to explore,
To be descending rapidly and outta control,
With a misty morning view,
To see the face of my nightmare come true.

I long to die beneath the mist,
I long to feel the sad coldness all over my body,
I will live for me and not die for you,
I will live for me, I'm not dyin for you,
I not dyin for you!

I will not be burned at the stake,
I'm prepared to drown in my own lake,
Free from all your self-destruction,
Free from your capitalist devotion.
Track Name: Farmed like Livestock
Sale on meat, it's gonna go!
Sale on cheese, Go! Go! Go!
Sale on meat, sale on cheese,
Jump like fleas, on produce sneeze.

Farmed like livestock, we're farmed like livestock now!

Eat this shit everyday, screwing with our DNA.
Make our bodies fall apart, global art,
Mass comsumption!

Farmed like livestock, we're farmed like livestock now!
Track Name: People in General
Why do I get so angry? Am I going insane?
Is it me or the world around me?
I bet it's everyone else that's so fuckin lame.

Fuck you world get outta my way!

People in general suck.
Track Name: On Blood we Feast
Sealed and lost for centuries, the mytics found and hid,
A curse of zombie humanoids that kill and eat everyone,
If you die and rise again you are the chosen one,
You must feast upon the flesh and metabolize the blood!

And you roam...
Join me on a morbid quest of immortal bloodlust!
And you roam...
Gorge on the mortal flesh and guts and blood and pus!

On blood you feast or you will die!
Track Name: No Way Out
Chaos, Order
Seething Revenge,
Leaves me wide awake

Nothing ever seems real,
Keep me trapped in your seal.

Someone help me, can't break out,
Trapped and frozen, I scream and shout.

Someone help me please...
Global conscience freeze.

Trapped and frozen, can't break out,
Someone help me, scream and shout but

There's no way out!
Track Name: Undesirable
What's your fuckin problem, can't you fuckin hear me?
What's your fuckin problem?
Walkin on the sidewalk with you in front of me,
On the fucking sidewalk.

What is in you soul?
A heart of fuckin coal,
A heart of fuckin ice,
I think you're not very nice!

It's a dirty livin' I think I'm holdin',
They're all in my pocket,
Always seeieng always knowing.

Can't stop fuckin labels,
Under these dirty labels I live,
Can't get fuckin nowhere,
Can't get anywhere.

Why I'm always left behind,
Under my lonely shadow I hide,
Until my own revolution...

We are not wanted here.
We are undesirable.
Track Name: Shit Bands
Too many shit bands in this town,
Running their mouths with nothing found,
It's easy to see what's in your head,
When you're playin' pop punk and sayin' "punk is dead".

Too many shit bands.
Take your stand against shit bands,
Take your stand!